Thatched cottages have romantic associations - rent one for a special break.

Thatched cottages

the straw and reeds used for thatching cottages  

What is different about a thatched country cottage? A good number of holiday homes or cottages in the UK may have a thatched roof, which makes them an attractive place to hire for a vacation. The reason why a property may include such an unusual feature is straightforward; it is to help deflect any rainwater.

Having a thatched roof does provide a cottage with a peculiar look, and most people stare at it when they drive by or look at pictures of it online.

Thatching is the talented craft of building a roof with bundles of dry vegetation. This could consist of natural materials like hay, bamboo shafts, reeds, grass rushes, or heather, layering the vegetation lining the inside roof. Thatching in many underdeveloped countries is the cheapest form of roofing. In, fully developed countries like the UK, it has become the choice, of rich people who desire a rustic look for their home. Additionally it is a more ecologically friendly roof as the materials used are natural.

A big incentive for using a specialist is to ensure that you don't have to get yourself togged up in rain gear each time there's a downpour. Water reed, wheat straw and other natural materials used in thatching are not in themselves waterproof so whether the raindrops roll down the roof or through all depends on the pitch - 45 and 55 degrees depending on the material used.

English Country Cottages

The thatched cottage represents an English idyll. A thatched roof, gables and roses twining around the front porch is a romantic image that people have of rural cottages. These cottages tend to be very pretty and their attractive appearance is a strong selling point as holiday homes.

Thatched cottages are scattered throughout southern to central England. Devon contains a large proportion of thatched cottages. There is even a thatched Devon village called Broadhembury which has a thatched pub and general store incorporating the post office.


thatched cottage in Devon where there are many such cottages to rent for holidays

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Rent a thatched cottage for a country break

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Take a nostalgic look back in time

A chocolate box thatched cottage ion a rural setting is the epitome of charm. Because thatched cottages are almost always period cottages with a few hundreds of years of history behind them, each room is likely to have some original features that give these cottages great character. They may have inglenook fireplaces, flagged floors and beams across the ceilings.

The romance of thatch

For centuries people throughout the world have lived in buildings with thatched roofs. In fact, in rural England they were very much the norm; every Tom, Dick and Harry had one. But as transportation throughout the country improved, tougher roof coverings such as slate became more easy to obtain and many abandoned thatch. A slate roof can last for a hundred or more years whilst a roof made from water reed a more modest 50-60 years, wheat straw even less. But 'come for a romantic break in my slate roofed cottage' just doesn't have quite the right ring about it!

If you have a thatched cottage you know that maintaining or creating a new quality thatch is not an amateur process. No way will your let the local odd job man near your property. It requires the specialist skills of a trained thatcher. These craftsmen have throughout the centuries displayed their skill and creativity by producing thatches in ever varying styles. Some even added little straw animals like foxes running along the ridges, further adding to the building's charm.

thatched country cottages to renr for self-catering holidays in DevonRent a pretty thatched country cottage for a self-catering break

England has more thatched properties than any other country but still there are not that many. It is therefore, lovely to come across them. They are so picturesque, seeming to retain an atmosphere of 'old England'; a time gone by. Artists have always been smitten with them, including them in their paintings. You don’t need to be particularly creative to readily imagine Constable, or one of his peers, perched on a stool at his easel, painting a masterpiece featuring a property such as The Guildhall, Higham, Colchester.

Thatched cottages are found in may parts of southern England. A few exist further north but the number tends to decrease as one travels northwards. The counties on the south coast of England such as Hampshire, Sussex, Kent, Dorset, Devon and Cornwall have a large number of thatched cottages scattered across the countryside. Rural Suffolk and Essex are also fond of thatched properties and a good source of thatched cottages to rent for self-catering breaks.

So it is not really surprising to find that a thatched cottage is a natural choice for a romantic rendezvous. Whether your choice is Daisy Cottage in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, (perfect for two) or the larger very picturesque Cobbs Cottage, in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, you will find that each has it's own irresistible romantic charm and proves to be an excellent venue for an unforgettable romantic holiday.

If it is ideas for romantic breaks that you would like, take a look at some more romantic cottages and see if anything inspires you.

The best UK holiday destination for a family summer holiday in a thatched cottage is the Isle of Wight. Rent a thatched cottage in an Isle of Wight village or in the country for a most relaxing and cosy experience. Thatched cottages tend to be former farmhouses and often have that lovely spacious farmhouse kitchen that people desire. The rooms will be full of character and one could expect exposed beams, inglenooks and a range cooker in the kitchen. A stay on this UK holiday island provides everything that a family with young children may desire; there are numerous fabulous sandy beaches, theme parks, the chance to ride a pony or go mountain biking. It is a highly recommended family friendly summer holiday destination in southern England.

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