Allow your mind to wander in the countryside and settle on butteflies sipping nectar from flowers,
rabbits bnibbling grass in the fields, birds of prey soaring silently overhead.

Green is relaxing

Surround yourself with greenery and allow your mind and senses to relax. There is something about green that the subconscious mind responds to.


Green trees, meadows and hedgerows.

The greenery that the countryside offers has a relaxing effect for many people. Nature can be a great remedy when it comes to restoring that sense of ease and peace. Being in a green natural environment with plants and trees can be calming in itself but countryside often comes with animals and birds which lots of people find relaxing.

There is something so idyllic about lying on a picnic blanket in a peaceful park in the summer, feeling the sun on your face, closing your eyes and listening to the birds pleasantly chirping in the trees. The mere thought of it is enough to bring a smile to your face.

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