Easier, better and more precise methods of helping farmers continue to be developed.

The Farmyard

ducks on the farmyard pond  

Duck ponds - Some farms have duck ponds and look after their ducks. Duck eggs can be sold to the passing public.

It is still relatively common in Britain and Ireland to see a stand by the roadside in the country with eggs and honey for sale and an honesty box left for people to pay for the goods they take.

Holidays in the country

A farm holiday can jointly be a nature holiday as they are intertwined. All those thick hedgerows are home to a multitude of creepy crawlies. Take a box and small brush you can gently sweep a mini-zoo into your box to study with the children.

Some farms that have several cottages to rent for holidays may have nature corners with tame small animals for children to stroke or nature trails that children can follow to discover various plants, animals, birds and natural features.

Close farm gates after you

There is much to learn in the countryside, reasons for closing farm gates, not dropping litter, what a stile is for, about electric fencing and so on. A stay in the country on a farm is an education in itself.

corn fields

There are plenty of opportunities for family activities in the countryside; picking blackberries, mushrooms later in the summer, soft fruit in fields.


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There are changes in the countryside

modern farming

Ploughing by GPS

A GPS system has been devised that can be used to control ploughing. The GPS driven device can be programmed to set a course to plough a field in dead straight lines irrespective of the tractor driver's eye. The driver can sit back and relax whilst the tractor ploughs up and down.

The same technology can be applied to distributing fertiliser and the machine can be programmed to give deficient soils more and other patches less. This saves on the amount of seed and fertilizer used.

cows and farmingCows take themselves home to be milked

Cows will take themselves back to the milking shed and allow themselves to be milked by robots. This reduces manpower and when the cows are milked is left up to them.

There is a treat incentive in going to be milked and the cows are happy to do co-operate.

The robots are fitted with sensors that can check for mastitis and will automatically record the amount of milk that each cow produces.

The cost of the robotic milking systems are only viable for huge herds of several hundred or thousand cows. Until then, farmers will need to spend lengthy hours milking their herds.

One advantage of a manual hands on approach is that farmers may spot sickness or injury that robotic sensors may miss. There is still nothing quite like the human eye.

Self catering holidays on farms

There are lots of country cottages and farmhouses to rent. Farmers were given subsidies to convert existing farm buildings to holiday lettings. Farm holidays are especially popular with families who have young children that would still be enthralled by feeding animals and learning about life on a farm and the various farm worker's roles. Things may not be quite a clear cut as they used to be milk maids and tractor drivers, there is a minimal workforce but still interesting all the same.

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